New & Notable on Bird Observation Route to Promote Tourism and Conservation

Project Name: Education for Bird Conservation in El Imposible and Montecristo National Parks

Managing NGO, country: SalvaNATURA, El Salvador

Synopsis: Montecristo National Park (4800 acres) is the largest cloud and pine-oak forest remaining in El Salvador. It protects at least 230 species of birds, including the resplendent quetzal. El Imposible National Park (12,000 acres) provides refuge for more bird species than anywhere else in El Salvador — some 280 species, including the spectacular black-crested eagle (Spizaetus tyrannus). The NGO SalvaNATURA plans to establish and promote the first bird observation route in the country, connecting both these birding hotspots. Natural attractions found on the road from Montecristo to El Imposible include the Apaneca mountain range and Ninfas Lagoon, as well as a natural area known as San Diego-La Barra, near Guija Lake. Project staff will also establish two interpretive nature trails in each national park.

Annual budget & donors: $ 50,000 from American Airlines (US), National Parks Foundation (US), National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (US), National Park Service (US)

Goals for this year: 1) Work with the Salvadoran Tourism Corporation and tour operators interested in promoting birding tours to plan and establish a bird observation route between the two parks. 2) Produce four scripts for educational talks that park guards and nature guides can use in Montecristo and El Imposible. 3) Give training to parks guards in environmental interpretation. 4) Create two interpretive trails in each park. 5) Produce educational and promotional material for the parks and natural areas and a map for tourists that guides them along the bird observation route.


Juan Marco Alvarez and Wilfredo Rodríguez
33 Avenida Sur #640
Colonia Flor Blanca
San Salvador, El Salvador
Tel: 503/279-1515
Fax: 503/279-0220

For more details, see the Eco-Index:


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