New & Notable on Transboundary Environmental Education Project Inspires, Transforms Communities

Project Name: Bio-Regional Environmental Education Project

Managing NGO, country: Natural History Museum of San Diego, California, USA

Project directors: Doretta Winkelman and Laurie Silvan

Synopsis: The San Diego Natural History Museum’s “Bio-Regional Environmental Education” project is a bi-national, inter-institutional, multidisciplinary collaboration between partners who seek to inspire teachers and community workers to transform our communities through environmental education, as well as strengthen and build capacity in our bio-region, to create synergy in our trans-border relations. We train presenters to deliver our different workshops and trainings in the areas where we have established collaborations and partnerships, design and deliver capacity-building workshops, and establish new collaborations and partnerships.

Annual budget & donors: $225,000 from the US Environmental Protection Agency, US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Hewlett Foundation

Lessons learned: Constant and continuous communication is essential and a key to forward movement and harmony. We inform others about what we have and offer opportunities and choices to participate and/or collaborate. Follow-up and continuity are important, as are keeping promises, building trust, searching for commonalities with partners and collaborators, being professional and courteous.


San Diego Natural History Museum
P.O. Box 121390
San Diego CA 92112, USA
Tel: 664/580-2963

Read more about this project in the Eco-Index:


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