New and Notable on First Bilingual Web Site Exclusively Listing Sustainable Tourism Businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Rainforest Alliance recently expanded the Eco-Index in an effort to support sustainable tourism businesses in Latin American and the Caribbean. The Eco-Index of Sustainable Tourism Web site is a searchable database of nearly 100 businesses in the Neotropics that have been certified as sustainable, or that have been recommended by a trustworthy conservation NGO or government entity as being environmentally and socially responsible. To legitimize these claims, Eco-Index personnel contacts these third party institutions to verify the business’s sustainability.

Users can search for their next vacation destination by selecting categories like country; certification programs; type of accommodation (such as hotel, boat, farm stay); features (including air conditioning, Internet availability, restaurants); type of destination (from beach to mountain to forest). All information is available in English and Spanish.

With support from the Inter-American Development Bank/Multilateral Investment Fund, the Eco-Index Sustainable Tourism aims to promote small and medium-sized sustainable tourism businesses — often with very limited marketing budgets — to tourists and travel agencies worldwide.

Using the site as well as listing a business is free of charge. To add your business, visit the “Add a Tourism Business” page and fill out our brief questionnaire.

For more information, please contact

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