New and Notable on Pollution Reduction and Water Quality Improvement Program in Port Antonio Marine Park, Jamaica

Managing NGO, country: Portland Environment Protection Association (PEPA), Jamaica

Project director: Tracey Edwards

Summary: The Portland Environment Protection Association (PEPA) aims to improve the water quality entering the coastal zone of Port Antonio, and raise public awareness regarding pollution entering the Port Antonio Marine Park by conducting water Quality monitoring to establish protocols related to freshwater safety; public education to gather data from households and businesses regarding waste management and alternatives; and capacity building, by hiring a project coordinator to assist in training, reporting, and public education activities.

Annual budget and donors: $49,000 US, or J $2,940,412 from the National Environment and Planning Agency, Jamaica; National Fish and Wildlife FoundationCoral Reef Conservation Fund, United States; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) — Coral Reef Conservation Program, United States; Social Development Commission, Jamaica; University of the West Indies (UWI) — Centre for Marine Sciences, Jamaica.

Principal accomplishments: Recruited and trained 10 volunteers in water quality sampling methods and procedures; developed and distributed a training manual to various agencies and community members; selected drainage area sampling sites based on community impact and drainage outflow into the coastal ecosystem; completed site description sheets for each site including GPS points and the data used for creating digital maps; produced field data forms and survey sheets; collected five sets of samples and sent them to the National Environment and Planning Agency laboratory for analysis; analyzed and compared the results of water samples with the results of 300 household surveys; identified at least five priority areas in communities for further investigations and interventions to reduce pollution; conducted two reef checks; created and gave a presentation at 35 community meetings to emphasize the role of individuals in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Anticipated accomplishments: Complete sampling; complete household surveys; develop pollution reduction strategies.

Contact: Tracey Edwards, Portland Environment Protection Association, 6 Allan Avenue, Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica. Tel/fax: +876/993-9632,,

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