New and Notable on Conservation and Restoration of Migratory Bird Habitat in Chiapas, Mexico

Managing NGO, country: Biodiversidad, Conservación y Restauración A.C. (Biocores, A.C.), Mexico

Project director: Angélica Camacho Cruz

Summary: In the state of Chiapas in Mexico, much of the original forest cover has been significantly reduced by human activity to small isolated patches. Some species of migratory birds use these habitats during non-breeding periods and others, insectivores in particular, use these habitats during the winter season. Asociación Civil Biodiversidad, Conservación y Restauración seeks to conserve and recover forest remnants in Chiapas by restoring appropriate sites; increasing biodiversity using native species; and establishing plantations with a mixture of species in strategically identified open areas.

Annual budget and donors: $33,078 from the US Fish and Wildlife Service – Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act (NMBCA).

Principal accomplishments: Reintroduced 13,939 plants from 23 species in floristically impoverished forests, open areas, and forest fragments to increase connectivity; measured recently-planted individuals from 23 species distributed in groups according to the fruit type; evaluated height, diameter, and survival rate of 7,974 individuals from 54 tree species; reintroduced 700 tree species in a montane wetland ecosystem; designed and conducted five training workshops to promote reforestation; collaborated with the Instituto de Historia Natural y Ecología to propose montane wetlands as RAMSAR sites; inventoried birds in restoration parcels; established links between the birds (resident and migratory) observed and the different types of forest and restoration areas; developed maps that show the potential and priority areas for restoration.

Anticipated accomplishments: Provide data on the response of tree species identified and studied; develop technical proposals for local and regional restoration programs to maintain resident and migratory bird populations; promote the participation of indigenous communities and landowners in establishing a nursery and bird monitoring; evaluate the success of the project by the number of entities and people involved from academic and governmental sectors and civil society; conduct inventories of the avifauna found in the mountain wetlands of San Cristóbal de Las Casas.

Contacts: Angélica Camacho Cruz, Tapachula 17, El Cerrillo, 29220, San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, México. tel: +52-967/678-8551, fax: +52-967/678-8551,

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