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New and Notable on Jaguar Corridor Initiative, Costa Rica

Managing NGO, country: Panthera, Costa Rica Project director(s): Roberto Salom-Pérez Summary: The Jaguar Corridor Initiative is an international project promoted by Panthera and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), that aims to establish a biological corridor to connect several blocks of protected areas and forested areas in Mesoamerica, and more recently in South America, that are … Continue reading

New and Notable on Weaving for Nature

Managing NGO(s), country: Asociación de Amigos y Vecinos de la Costa y la Naturaleza (AAMVECONA), Panamá; Fauna & Flora International (FFI); Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network (WIDECAST), Regional. Project director(s): Didiher Chacón-Chaverri Summary: In the coastal areas of Central America, solid waste management is facing severe problems and trash often ends up in rivers … Continue reading

Conservation of Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve Linked to Sustainable Livelihoods, Training, and Global Climate Treaty

As one of Central America’s most biologically diverse ecosystems, Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve has attracted intense attention from conservationists and policymakers intent on saving as much of the five million-acre (2.1 million-hectare) reserve from fires and logging as possible. Their dedication has resulted in creative initiatives that aim to prove to the growing human population … Continue reading

New and Notable on

Managing NGO(s), country: Rainforest Alliance, Regional Project director(s): Melissa Normann Summary: In July of 2010, the Rainforest Alliance launched, a database of sustainable tourism businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean. The site is also available in Spanish as and in French as The goal of is to provide travelers, tour … Continue reading