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Interview with Mario López, senior associate for Sustainable Agriculture projects at the Rainforest Alliance

By Yessenia Soto, Rainforest Alliance “Global warming and extreme weather events are disrupting the entire production schedule, pruning, flowering patterns, harvests and other agricultural activities, while causing losses of productivity and increasing expenses and the cost of labor in the field.” In late 2012 and early 2013, the coffee growers of Central America faced one … Continue reading

Interview with Andre de Freitas, Executive Director of the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN)

By Yessenia Soto, Rainforest Alliance “We are working toward a very innovative standard, and we believe producers will feel that they obtain more value by being Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM.” The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) is a coalition of leading conservation organizations in America, Africa, Asia, and Europe that promotes the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices … Continue reading

Interview with Ronald Sanabria, vice president of sustainable tourism for Rainforest Alliance

By Yessenia Soto, Rainforest Alliance “The managers of parks and protected areas are more aware that these areas are the main magnet for tourism in many countries; however, in many cases tourism has flourished in private hands without the areas themselves benefiting from tourist dollars. Tourism remains one of the world’s strongest economic activities, especially … Continue reading

Interview with Mark J. Spalding, President, The Ocean Foundation and Shana Miller, Global Tuna Conservation Project Director, The Ocean Foundation

By Dipika Chawla, Rainforest Alliance  “Our big problem here is that we’re harvesting and consuming wild animals on a global commercial scale… We need to allow the ocean to rebuild, to figure out how to do aquaculture right, and to be a lot more careful than we have in the past.” Tuna play an incredibly important role … Continue reading

Interview with Patricia Orantes, Director of the Climate, Nature and Communities program in Guatemala

By Danilo Valladares, Rainforest Alliance “Guatemala is one of the ten countries most vulnerable to the impacts of global climate change based on its geographical location, lack of territorial planning and weak human and institutional capacities.” Since February 2013, Guatemala has a new ally in the struggle to protect its natural resources and adapt to … Continue reading

Interview with Michelle Buckles, Director of Sustainable Finance, Rainforest Alliance

By Dipika Chawla Smallholder farmers in developing countries can see that adopting sustainable best practices and earning Rainforest Alliance certification will lead to benefits such as higher prices, increased efficiency, and access to stronger markets. However, the financial investment that certification entails can pose a significant obstacle for farmers with limited access to financing. The … Continue reading

Interview with Verónica Cáceres Chamorro, Inter-American Convention for the Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles

Interview by Yessenia Soto, Rainforest Alliance “We must teach fishers how they can help to save turtles, and explain that a healthy ocean where turtles and people can coexist will benefit the commercially important fish that are the basis of their livelihood.” According to the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species, all six species of … Continue reading

Interview with Diane Jukofsky, Vice President of Communications, Marketing and Education, Rainforest Alliance

Interview by Melissa Normann, Rainforest Alliance “Conservation is an experiment; we don’t know exactly what will work best in different circumstances. That’s why we have to draw on each other’s experiences, so we don’t needlessly waste time or money.” The Eco-Index is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2011. To help mark this exciting milestone, we … Continue reading