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Interview with Francisco Kennedy de Souza, researcher at Indiana University, United States, and the Universidade Federal do Acre (UFAC), Brazil

Interview with Francisco Kennedy de Souza, researcher at Indiana University, United States, and the Universidade Federal do Acre (UFAC), Brazil

By Yessenia Soto, Rainforest Alliance The Amazon rainforest is the largest expanse of primary tropical forest in the world, with an area of approximately 914 million acres (370 million hectares) extending across nine South American countries. The Amazon contains 20% of the available fresh water on the planet, 30% of the world’s fauna and flora, … Continue reading

Interview with Jean Wiener, Director, Fondation pour la Protection de la Biodiversité Marine (FoProBiM)

By Dipika Chawla, Rainforest Alliance Caracol Bay, located in the Lagons du Nord-Est Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) in Haiti, is part of a critically important “ridge-to-reef” ecosystem in a country plagued by widespread environmental degradation. Its mangroves, sea grass beds, and coral reefs provide habitat for 29 threatened plant and animal species, including manatees and … Continue reading

Interview with Oscar Maroto, Manager of Sustainable Agriculture Projects, Rainforest Alliance

by Yessenia Soto “The project was successful in placing sustainability on the coffee sector’s agenda, which was essential in convincing the largest coffee companies in the world to accept the challenge of sustainability and invest funds directly in producers to help them conserve biodiversity in their ecosystems.” Coffee grows at middle elevations, primarily between 1,600 and … Continue reading

Remigio Orellana, member of the Micro-business Association of Rangers for Nature Conservation and environmental advocate for the Fundación Cordillera Tropical (FCT) Program Don Oso

Interview by Yessenia Soto, Rainforest Alliance “At first, some owners did not appreciate us, they didn’t want us walking on their lands, they didn’t understand what their plants and trees had to do with our work, and they said that one bear more or less didn’t matter.” Every day at eight in the morning, Remigio … Continue reading

Isadora Angarita-Martínez and Patricia Marconi, Conserving Neotropical Migratory Birds in the High Andean Wetlands, BirdLife International

Interview by Yessenia Soto, Rainforest Alliance “Andean wetlands are seriously threatened by mining, which has cleared vegetation and contaminated water sources, as well as the unregulated growth in agriculture, ranching, and tourism.” The Andes Mountains are home to lakes, lagoons, marshes, and bogs that are collectively known as the high Andean wetlands. These ecosystems provide … Continue reading

Jim Barborak, Coordinator of the Mesoamerican Trails Initiative and Director of the Center for Protected Area Management and Training at Colorado State University

Interview by Yessenia Soto, Rainforest Alliance  “If we design and build safe, well-marked and interpreted trail networks within and between protected areas in Mesoamerica, we can expand public use of and support for parks and provide tangible economic benefits to impoverished rural communities.” Question: What’s the goal of Mesoamerican Trails? Barborak: Mesoamerican Trails is a … Continue reading

José Román Carrera, regional manager of the Rainforest Alliance’s Training, Extension, Enterprises and Sourcing (TREES) program

Interview by Yessenia Soto, Rainforest Alliance “Today there is a proportional relationship between poverty and forested areas — we want to reverse this by helping forest communities maintain healthy ecosystems that provide sustainable economic opportunities and improved livelihoods.” Several forest communities in Guatemala are now less impoverished and marginalized and no longer lack opportunities to … Continue reading